100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Nikita!

Violin, Eaten, Swept, Yellow, Airplane

These five words were our prompt for week 22 of the 100 Word Challenge. Our writers had to ensure these words were included in their piece for that week.

Nikita’s writing was selected by the 100 Word Challenge Team to be showcased for week 22! It is always so exciting to have one of our students’ writing showcased in the 100 Word Challenge!

To this unusual selection of words, Nikita responded with gusto and in her distinctive style: click here to read her piece.

To check out all of the selected pieces, head here.


100WC Showcase: Congratulations Ethan!



Congratulations to Ethan, whose story was selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 23! The prompt for that week was a picture:


An old couch with a strange pattern… looks a bit like bricks, really. And a cat sitting on top!

It is fantastic to have a Yahl writer showcased for the first time!  Ethan included a sizzling start to his story: “Bang! Crash! I woke up with a loud noise.” He was also careful to include some information about the way his character was feeling: “I felt shaky and I had goosebumps.”

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the imaginative stories that were selected for week 23.

Visit our students’ individual blogs to read their weekly entries.

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Going Global – The Magazine!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 5.51.49 pmThe technology we have at our fingertips, and the incredible possibilities offered to us never cease to amaze me… Here we are, 8 months into our first blogging experience, and we actually have created our own magazine, thanks to “Flipboard”.

Do click on the image above, or on the widget on the left hand side, and you’ll be taken to our very first Going Global magazine. In this very special edition, you will find a selection of the most exciting blog posts from our class blog: exciting because they corresponded to milestone events for our class… our excursion to see the amazing Chooky Dancers, or when our class poem was first published… there were many such thrilling moments in 2014.

The magazine also showcases posts from each of our students. The posts have been selected to show the variety of media that the students have learned to use this year, to create interesting and stimulating content.

As this year draws to an end, I’d like to thank the amazing and tireless educators who make blogging such a rewarding and stimulating experience for students and teachers worldwide. My heartfelt thanks go to Sue Wyatt, who organises the wonderful Student Blogging Challenge, and to Julia Skinner, the creator of the ever-inspiring 100 word challenge.

We have learnt so much this year, I can’t wait for 2015, to start all over again!  😉


#eddies14: Why we are nominating Mrs Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge

Dear Edublogs Awards Judges,

Our class would like to nominate Mrs Julia Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge for the Lifetime Achievement award. Here are some reasons why:

“Thank you for being on the ball to produce the 100 word challenge each week to get pictures and words for all kids to participate in so they can write an amazing story. The 100 WC has helped me develop in my writing skills in punctuation and coming up with ideas.” – Piper

“Receiving comments on my 100 word challenge has definitely helped with my writing. Hearing other people’s opinions is fantastic because they might notice a flaw that didn’t even cross my mind!” – Ella

“I love doing the 100wc because it helps me to write more and not think as much about what I have to write about. Along with that it helps me with my spelling  and I have learned where to put my punctuation. I love getting comments. I loved it even more when I got the show case for week 7” – Harry R

I enjoy the 100 word challenge because every week there is something different to write about.” – Wil

“I like the way there are no rules and you can continue on with whatever kind of story you want as long as you include the prompt given.” – Jake

“Knowing that there are people out there who read my texts encourages me to write more.” – Jennieva

“I like the 100WC because I think it is cool how you put an idea on the website and people just write about it.” – Wade

“I think that the 100WC is a great program for first bloggers and really makes people think about what to write.” – Harrison

“Thank you for founding the 100 Word Challenge, it has really helped me with my writing and actually got me liking the subject again!” – Holly

“One of the things I have learnt is that you don’t have to write a long text for it to be good quality.” – Eliza

“The 100 wc is great because it gives you a challenge and also you have to base your story on a prompt.” – Saige

“It has improved my ability to write stories about a random topic. I also love getting comments from people on my posts.” Harry H

“My writing has improved I’m writing lots more. The areas I have improved in are spelling and vocabulary. When I received my first comment I was happy and I act on it if someone says you should try not to start your story with ‘one day’…  ” – Jye

“When I receive comments on my post I love reading them to find out what I need to improve on.” – Jack

“Receiving comments on my pieces has greatly motivated me to write strong quality work.  I like the constructive criticism and think it has improved my take on the subject at hand.” – Hamish

“I enjoy the 100 word challenge because it’s lots of fun after you get the hang of it. Also using the prompt with a picture or a group of words is a good challenge and makes it easier to think up a story.” – Estelle

“I like the one hundred word challenge because of the prompts. They challenge you to write different things every week and gives you the challenge of writing a certain amount of words.” – Zoe

“I like the 100wc because I like writing random stories, and the 100wc gives me lots of challenges to overcome.” – Ben

“I love the 100 Word Challenge because it has revived my students’ love of and enthusiasm for writing – thank you Mrs Skinner!” – Mrs Pratt



100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Harry H and Hamish!

Congratulations to Harry H and Hamish, whose entries were showcased for week 11 of the 100 Word Challenge. The prompt for that week was the word “Remember”, and the theme was that of Remembrance Day. Both boys chose to write a poem (as did many others in the class).

Mrs Diestler from the 100WC team thought that Harry’s word choices created “an engaging, mysterious and beautiful piece”… check out Harry’s poem! If, like Mrs Diestler, you were touched by Harry’s words, don’t forget to leave him a comment!

“I will remember, the day in November                                                        When the noise of the gunfire did cease…”                                             Read Hamish’s elegant poem, and leave him some feedback – he’d appreciate it!

To read all the inspiring entries that were showcased for week 11, head here.


Hamish: Lord Of Nulth 100WC

He was shocked to find a animatronic Zebra, red lit eyes flashing on and off. Its metal limbs jerking in a peculiar fashion. And strapped to it was a note reading:

Regarding the Lord Of Nulth,    

I’m writing to you via this robotic distraction to inform you that you may believe in your dark fantasies that you have destroyed all the Night Zoo’s, but you overlooked a few. Especially the Zoo’s in which I have united to stop your evil tyranny. 


The Night Zoo Keeper.

While the Lord Of Nulth was reading this note, there was a strange ticking….


Bri – 100WC Lord Of Nulth

He was shocked to find a frail girl. He expected fear or even anger in her eyes but all he saw was pity. This girl was like nothing the Lord had ever seen before, her hair was a fiery red and her eyes a striking green/gold. She was pure imagination.

“What is your purpose child?” He boomed. She didn’t speak. “Stand girl!” The lord ordered and she did. The girl took a step towards him, looked him in the eyes. The Lord’s eyes were fixed on the girls’ as images danced within them. “Who are you?” he demands, stepping back.

She finally speaks, “Your end.”


Wade – Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn 100WC

He was shocked to find, a fluffy rainbow unicorn he was a bit confused. “Put this thing in the cage” said Lord of Nulth. “But sir it’s” “it’s what?”, “nothing sir…” said the guard. So the guard put the unicorn in the cage. But they did not know the unicorn had something special about is its horn was a laser and the unicorn BLASTED through the cage and went on an attack, the guards were attacking down 1 by 1 and they had no chance of stopping him. The unicorn made it to Lord of Nulth and he blasted through……


BY Wade


Saige: Remember…

By Saige

Remember those who fought for us

And our country.

Those who risked their lives for us to live in a free country.

Lots of soldiers died.

Some survived.

But came back with horrific injuries.

But we can’t just give all the credit to those who came back.

We also have to give credit to those who fought for our country but didn’t come back.

They fought and fought for us.

They never gave up.

Even if they were hurt they would keep going.

Wounds and scratches.

Gun shots.

Many needed treatment.

Nurses working all day.

Nurses struggling to the limit.


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Dust And Gunfire – 100WC for Remembrance Day

January, 1918

The field goes up in a plume of dust, my lungs feel on fire, but I’m alive. I collapse to the ground, desperately trying to catch my breath, but the dust is too thick. BAAAAANG! BAAAANG! BAAANG! My senses are now useless, my nose is clogged from the dust, my ears are ringing, I’m blinded. I feel sick as I inhale the unbreathable, I begin to close my eyes…

November, 2014

As I weave the poppies through my braid I once again look at the sketch on the wall of my ancestor who went to war. I remember…

By Holly


Jacob: Did You Know That Horses Shiver When You Tickle Them?

Did you know that horses shiver when you tickle them under their shoulder? My name is Jacob. On that day, I was at the race track. We call the race horses thoroughbreds. My horse’s name is Seasons of Fortune. He is six years old. My mum likes calling him fleabag. His home name is Cruiser because he cruises along. I decided to tickle Cruiser under his shoulder. I like tickling him because it feels good to me. It feels shivery and it feels like he’s shaking when I tickle him. After I tickled Cruiser, he shivered. The other horses were near Cruiser. As it shivered, they bolted and bucked!


Jye: A Man Called Jim Went Swimming 100WC

There was a man called Jim he went swimming. And on his way he saw a cat on the side of the road. Jim lifted the cat off the side of the road: its back was broken. So Jim drove the cat to the vets. “Sorry, Sir, but the cat will have to be put down,” explained the vet. Jim thought about it, but he didn’t feel that sad because it wasn’t his cat. “OK,” said Jim, and he drove to the pool. He got in the pool was green he screamed the life guard said “What’s wrong?” Jim did not answer: he passed out.


100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Piper, Harry R and Holly!

Congratulations to Piper, Harry R and Holly: their entries are showcased for week 7 of the 100 Word Challenge. The prompt for that week was:

I could not believe the smell“.

Well, as you would expect, we had some pretty funny entries… the challenge for some of us was how to be funny and appropriate at the same time 😉 !! Harry R did a great job of this, and he presented his writing in an unexpected way: an exchange of emails between a dad and his son.

“My heart felt like it stopped. Questions of confusion and frustration were running through my head.”… When I first read Piper’s piece, I was so impressed with the phrase ‘Questions of confusion and frustration‘… this is powerful writing, Piper.

Ms Hopkinson, from the 100WC team commented on Holly’s post: “This is brilliantly written, Holly. Just like a real writer! I love the way you have used one-word lines and kept the pace going. This is just an amazing piece of writing.” Would you agree with her?

To read all the inspiring entries that are showcased for week 7, head here.


Holly: The Under Water Maze

I couldn’t believe it. One second I am surfing with Jarrod, and the next I’m inside of a tube, going down…



I’m almost, but not quite unconscious from some sweet smelling spray, oh the smell, I couldn’t believe the smell! So sweet and so relaxing. “Jason”, I hear a muffled groan, “Jason.”

“Jarrod” I say thickly.

I feel cold water gush over my body and I’m awake. I put my hands up to scratch my head but they hit a glass bubble. I look around, I see walls everywhere. Realisation strikes me full force in the face.

I am trapped in an underwater maze.




Congratulations Jake: 100WC showcase week 1!


Congratulations to Jake, whose story was selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 1! The prompt for week 1’s challenge was the phrase “finally, we can make a start…”

It is fantastic to have a writer selected for the first showcase of the new 100WC year. Our class was very much looking forward to the return of this wonderful literacy initiative. Today our students enjoyed reading other children’s entries from many different countries. It is inspiring and fun to discover how others responded to the prompt!

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the imaginative stories that were selected for week 1.

Visit our students’ individual blogs to read their weekly entries.

Leave them a comment! 🙂