100 Word Challenge Showcase: Congratulations Lily B and Natalie!


“… we saw rows and rows of angels. We went to meet them. They greeted us gracefully and asked us if we wanted to be angels.

“Yes please!” we shouted excitedly. Suddenly halos appeared on our heads…”

This is an extract from Lily B and Natalie’s latest 100 word challenge, which has just been showcased! To read the girls’ short story, click here.

The prompt for that week was a little unusual: students had to use to following words in a 100-word long piece of writing:

Lie   Row   Fly   Chips   Sweet

It is so exciting to have another Yahl writer showcased!

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the imaginative stories that were selected for week 12.

Visit our students’ individual blogs to read their weekly entries.

Leave them a comment! :)

Mrs Pratt


  1. Hi I’m Raney from Wlazlo Wonders at Guilderland Elementary School.I think that was a FABULOUS story. There is nothing else I can say about it. GREAT JOB!!!!

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