Yarn Bombing Maths Rich Task

This week, Mrs Morrie set the 4/5 class a rich Maths task: Yarn Bombing our Walnut Tree!

Mrs Morrie wants the walnut tree at the front of the school to become a special friendship space. The bench under the tree is going to get painted purple and the tree will be yarn bombed! This means that its trunk will be covered by many colourful woollen knitted squares.

Mrs Morrie wants to know how many knitted squares will be needed to cover the trunk of the tree. She already has 78 squares to contribute, but she doesn’t think she’ll have enough.

We went to the tree together and agreed on the surface of the trunk to be covered with yarn. The students were then organised in groups to work out this real-life problem…


Potatolympics Yahl 2016 – Go Spuds!


Two of the 'athletes'

Two of the ‘athletes’

During the Rio Olympic Games, our class ran their own Olympic event, The Potatolympics!

To start with, each student was given a potato, which they decorated to create a potato athlete. Students even created mini-movies in pairs to introduce their athlete to their friends!

The next step was to create the Potatolympics events. This was to be the students’ job. They were given the task to create events in pairs. The Potatolympics involved using many measuring skills. The students had to be very clear about what data would be measured in their event, and what tools they would need in order to be able to make the measurements.

The 13 Potatolympics events.

The 13 Potatolympics events.

The students created 13 events: Potato Float, Potato Soccer, Potato Bowling, Bounce n’ Shoot, Long Throw, Sand Roll Relay, High Jump, Potato Diving, Swimming, Long Jump, Potato Spoon Race, Bobsleigh, Bowling and Mini-Golf.



The events were run in week 4 over three days. Students were responsible for running their event and recording the athletes’ times. This was a very important step, as we were planning a medal ceremony at the end of the Potatolympics!




Here are some photos from the events:


The Potatolympics were a huge success! All but one event ran very smoothly and successfully, and the children demonstrated excellent cooperation skills during the entire exercise.

Potato athletes and their humans participated together in a final medal ceremony:

The Potatolympics are a well-known Maths project. More information can be found from the Mathematics Centre here.