Brodie” Could this be the last 100 Word Challenge?


Swish swish! As the paddles wadded through the water  each stroke made them closer to the enemy territory. “Steady now row backwards” ppppoooouusshhh… As the longboat sailed into the sand steadily.  They saw a crashed ship. On it had ancient markings ℜℑℵ℘ these are the markings from the arbander army there was a satchel with some water in it. Brodicus took a drink out of it “YUCK rotten sea water, I thought it was good but it made my tongue tingle. “Sir look” a scout saw the enemy castle we shall attack now the soldiers marched they saw the arbander markings again, “This cant be good”.     


Lily O’s Monster Reflection

I liked the monster project because I got to connect with other people from a different place through Skype. I loved doing the monster project because I got to draw whatever I wanted. The only thing I disliked was we had to wait a long time to see what our buddies drew.

When I compare my buddies to mine they look quit similar there are a few bits that don’t look like mine like the t-shirt because I didn’t say which way the strips are going.



my buddy's drawing of my description

my buddy’s drawing of my description

my initial drawing

my initial drawing


Kelly’s Monster Reflection

I liked the monsters project because we had buddies and we draw pictures and we got to Skype    Queensland  and show our buddy’s our pictures. And the thing I liked the most is that it was lots of fun and we got to see them in real life.

Here is my picture.