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  1. Hi Mrs. Pratt,
    I’m a school librarian in Rochester, New York. I’ve done a lot of blogging but want to create a classroom blog. I’m wondering how you do a class blog when your students change from year to year. I notice that your archives go back several years, but the list of student blogs is from the most recent year, right?

    • Hi Ms Satta,

      The way I have organised it is that the class blog always remains the same, then I also manage individual student blogs for the children. The old blogs I used to delete until I discovered I could in some way archive them so that they remain accessible by the children, but not modifiable. I hope this information helps you.

  2. Hi mrs Pratt I am grace and I go to Crosshall. Thank you for leaving some comments for are class.

  3. Hello Mrs Pratt,
    My name is Lachlan O’Toole I’m a teacher of a 4/5 class at Huntly Primary School in Victoria, Australia. My class has been experimenting with blogs this year. I am wanting to develop some relationships with other classes from around Australia and the world (pen-pal type relationships). I would like my students to communicate with your class, and of course your class with mine. If this is something you are interested in, you can get in contact with me via our class blog at
    Mr O

  4. Hello Mrs. Pratt,
    I am new to Edublogs. I enjoyed viewing your entire blog and student blogs. I like the word cloud the floated and rotated. Please tell me the name of the app ,and or website, to that I can teach my students how to make their
    Wordle rotate and float. . Have a great new 2016 school year. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Joy,
      Thank you for your supportive comments! I also really like the rotating word cloud. It is made of the tags from my posts. You will need to activate the plugin ‘3D rotating cloud’ first. Once this is activated, the widget 3D rotating cloud will be available for you under widgets. You can customise the size and colour. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hello Mrs. Pratt and Mrs.Pratt’s students! I am a grade 5 teacher in Alberta, Canada. We have recently had a speaker at our school who was very enthusiastic about blogging in a classroom. I am skeptical. What benefits have you experienced using this as a classroom tool and how has it affected your planning and curriculum as a result? How do you organize your time? This must take a lot of work?! I am also nervous about the safety of my students. I use technology quite a bit already in my class but I am always willing to learn more and try new things but I need to be convinced of its practicality.
    Thank you so much for any feedback you can give me!

  6. hello Mrs Pratt
    I am Beatriz Yangüela and I’ve been appointed as Blog mentor for your class by Student Blogging Challenge. I am a secondary teacher in the North East of Spain. I’ve been teaching English as a second language for more than 15 years. My students are between 12 and 18 years old, and they study English as well as French and some of them German.
    I have a blog for my classes , where you can see part of our projects, although it is mainly devoted to find further info apart from the classes.
    As the challenge is starting soon I just wanted to keep in touch with you to introduce myself to you and your students.
    If there is anything you want to know about me or if you want me to do a presentation for your students, just let me know.
    This is my email:

    • Hi Beatriz,
      Thank you so much for your thorough introductory message, which I will share with my students. Thank you for being such a dedicated mentor! Emmanuelle 🙂

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