100WC Showcase: Congratulations Ethan!



Congratulations to Ethan, whose story was selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 23! The prompt for that week was a picture:


An old couch with a strange pattern… looks a bit like bricks, really. And a cat sitting on top!

It is fantastic to have a Yahl writer showcased for the first time!  Ethan included a sizzling start to his story: “Bang! Crash! I woke up with a loud noise.” He was also careful to include some information about the way his character was feeling: “I felt shaky and I had goosebumps.”

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the imaginative stories that were selected for week 23.

Visit our students’ individual blogs to read their weekly entries.

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Mrs Pratt


  1. Congratulations Ethan.Great job. I liked the way you started with, ‘Bang! Crash!

  2. Congrats Ethan! Our class has never got into the showcase but I’m glad you did!

  3. hello there mrs pratt I’m in your group and I felt it would be good to say hi, oh yea crongrats ethan!!!

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