100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Jedda!

The prompt for week 20 was a photo of a man sitting on a bench next to a statue… We also challenged ourselves to include a 3 -ed sentence in our writing (a sentence starting with 3 adjectives, all ending in ‘-ed’. This is one of Alan Peat’s “exciting sentences” types).

Here is an extract from Jedda’s story:

Then the elderly man suddenly stood up, screwed the map up, and threw it in the statue’s lap. Excited, thrilled, intrigued, the statue slowly looked down…”

To find out what happens, head here and read Jedda’s piece. Do you agree that her writing was interesting enough to be nominated? Leave her a comment and tell her which is YOUR favourite part about her story!

To read some of the other stories that were nominated for week 20, click on this link.

Mrs Pratt

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