Mil Lel student wins local Scratch Competition!

Congratulations to Holly for her outstanding Scratch project, titled Blue Lake, which won first place in the recent Limestone Coast Scratch competition. Scratch is a programming language that allows its users to create games, animations and interactives stories. Scratch is also an online platform where users can share and “look inside” one another’s projects,  easily learning from each other. There are more than 6 million shared Scratch projects on the Scratch website!

Holly spent many hours designing a complex Scratch project that featured the Blue Lake (one of the competition’s requirements). One of Holly’s mini-games works similarly to a Wii game, with the program recognising motion from the player (through the webcam), and responding to this motion. Holly was careful to include media in her project that she had created herself, for example she used some music composed on the app Garage Band. Well done for respecting copyright, Holly!

Congratulations to Glenburnie Primary School, whose entry came second in the competition, and to Mundulla Primary School, who placed third. The links to the winning entries can be found on the Limestone Coast Scratches website.

You can check out Holly’s brilliant project below:

Mrs Pratt


  1. Dear Holly,
    I really enjoyed your splendid scratch presentation. I really enjoyed doing the maze and walking around the Blue Lake. What was the hardest part to do?

  2. Dear Holly

    I love what you have created. We really enjoyed the one where we had to walk around blue lake!

    -Elin & Rianna from Hong Kong

  3. What a great effort Holly! I don’t know anything about Scratch but I know lots of schools in the UK use it. I hope by Blog Dipping this post, you will get some visitors! Congratulations again!

  4. Congratulations Holly on an impressive Scratch project. Our class really appreciates how much work went in to your presentation. Well done, from the Glenburnie 6/7 class.

  5. Wow!
    congratulations Holly on winning the scratch competition.
    You deserve it with all the effort you put into the awesome project
    from Estelle

  6. Fantastic effort Holly. It is quite clear that you have put much time and thought into your Scratch project. What was the biggest challenge you had? Is there anything that you would do differently?
    Mr Jolley

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