Multiplication methods

You will find below some multiplication methods that our class investigated. The children worked hard to create quality videos to explain their favourite method. Have a look at the videos, and don’t forget to answer our question at the end: which is YOUR favourite method? We’d love to hear about it!

The area model – by Zoe and Eliza

The expanded algorithm – by Jack and Wade

Mental computation – by Holly, Jennieva and Bri [The Wild Mikes]

The Lattice method – by Ben and Hamish

Let us know which is YOUR favourite multiplication method:

Mrs Pratt

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  1. Hello UP Mathmagicians,

    Well done for sharing your maths thinking and strategies. I voted for the area model, this seemed to fit best with my thinking. It is fantastic that you are exploring different ways of working out multiplication. I look forward to the next posting.
    PS: The Wild Mikes could do with a hair cut!

    Mr Jolley

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