Multiplication methods

You will find below some multiplication methods that our class investigated. The children worked hard to create quality videos to explain their favourite method. Have a look at the videos, and don’t forget to answer our question at the end: which is YOUR favourite method? We’d love to hear about it!

The area model – by Zoe and Eliza

The expanded algorithm – by Jack and Wade

Mental computation – by Holly, Jennieva and Bri [The Wild Mikes]

The Lattice method – by Ben and Hamish

Let us know which is YOUR favourite multiplication method:


Wil and Harry H: we prefer the Lattice method!

Lately in maths, we have been investigating different methods for multiplication. In pairs, the students are creating quick videos using the app “educreations” to showcase and explain their favourite method.

Here is Wil’s and Harry H’s – the Lattice method:

There will soon be another post showcasing all our class’s favourite methods.