Poetry Object Shortlist: Congratulations Wil!


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Congratulations to Wil, whose poem Motorbike was short-listed for the national competition The Poetry Object from The Red Room Company! The competition winners will be announced in November.

All our students worked hard to create memorable poems about objects that are dear to them. Over 2,550 entries were received from all over Australia, and Scott-Patrick Mitchell, the Poetry Object judge commented: “These warriors of words are creating for themselves a brave new world. And the goals they set themselves in my mind reap more rewards, promise more hope than any Premiership Cup. Come on you mighty poets, grow.

Well done to all our mighty poets! Here is Wil’s poem:

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To view all short-listed poems, click here.


Poetry Object Poems are published!

The Poetry Object is a poetry competition created by the Red Room Company. Our students were asked to write a poem about an object that is special to them. 

The students’ poetry object poems are now published on The Red Room Company’s website!

Click here to read our year 5 students’ poems.

The year 6 students’ poems can be accessed here.

And year 7 students’ poems are here.


Well done to all poets!


Can we please do poetry?………………. Yes!

Such a nice request to hear from the children! Thanks to the Poetry Object project, we have had fun learning about different techniques to help us, amateur poets.

One original activity we did a couple of weeks ago was suggested by Chris Betcher and Paul Hamilton. Using the iPads, we took screenshots of non-fiction texts and used the app “Skitch” to block out all the text but the most inspiring words or phrases. At the end of the exercise, the remaining words/phrases were used to compose a poem.

The students then used Vokis to bring their poems to life. Here is Eliza’s and Bri’s Voki:

Visit our students’ personal blogs to listen to and view their Vokis!