Da Vinci Machines excursion

Article written by Harry R.


On the 23 of May the UP class went to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition. We learnt how things worked and what they did. We had to find machines that use gravity, reduce gravity, use friction and reduce friction. We also had to find our favourite machine and describe what forces that machine uses.

Below you can find some presentations from the students in our class.



Enlarging in Art

We’re very fortunate that the Da Vinci exhibition is currently showing in Mount Gambier. In Art last Friday, we did the following activity:

1) The children were handed up small squares of paper which were part of a picture that had been cut up.

there were 3 categories of  1 inch x 1 inch squares: easy, medium and difficult.

there were 3 categories of squares: easy, medium and difficult.

2) The children were given five squares each and asked to enlarge their squares to 3 times the original size (basically, the size of a standard post-it note). The children were able to choose between three levels of difficulty for the squares they had to enlarge.

3) At that stage, they had no idea what the picture was… only that it was a famous painting.

4) And here is the result!


Our completed “Mona Lisa”

I reckon it looks fabulous, considering that everyone was working individually on enlarging their squares. The final result is very much recognisable and it is quite amazing to look at it closely and notice how well so many pieces are connecting together. What an effort!

The idea for this lesson came from The Incredible Art Department website http://www.incredibleart.org/.