Monster Project – 2015!

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The Monster project is back – this time we are teaming up with 5SK in North Queensland. Kids exchange monsters descriptions, then draw their buddy’s monsters.

Here’s Zac’s description:

My monster’s name is Yucky Face. His face is a yoda head, it is light green. He has one big eye and one medium sized eye, they are red and his pupils are a lead colour, they are blood shot. His nose is pointing to the left. He has a smile on his face it is red, he has small sharp teeth with two big vampire sharp teeth on the sides. He has angry looking eye brows that point between the middle of his eyes. On top of his head are two thin lines that join onto to a long rectangle, it is lead colour. He has three stiches on his face, one is on his left cheek, and one in each of his ears.

After his head is a torso that looks like a human body. Underneath his armpits are two sharp vampire like pulling in teeth. He has three fingers on each hand which are also vampire teeth. His whole body is red. After the torso it turns into a rectangle with tentacles on the sides.  On the left side there is 6 tentacles, and on the right side there is 7 tentacles.

Gothic text from pookatoo.com


Mrs Pratt

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  1. Hi I’m Raney and I’m from Wlazlo Wonders at Guilderland Elementary School. I just like to tell you that I am speechless. Your piece is the best piece I read so far. Everything was perfect! You used descriptive words, punctuation and a lot more. I have nothing to say. WONDERFUL, TERRIFIC JOB!!!!!!

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