Saige: Remember…

By Saige

Remember those who fought for us

And our country.

Those who risked their lives for us to live in a free country.

Lots of soldiers died.

Some survived.

But came back with horrific injuries.

But we can’t just give all the credit to those who came back.

We also have to give credit to those who fought for our country but didn’t come back.

They fought and fought for us.

They never gave up.

Even if they were hurt they would keep going.

Wounds and scratches.

Gun shots.

Many needed treatment.

Nurses working all day.

Nurses struggling to the limit.


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Mrs Pratt


  1. Well done Saige,
    Aspects of your writing and choice of language is very powerful. This would have been fantastic to share with the school during our ceremony this morning. A thoughtful and reflective piece of work.

    Mr Jolley

    • I agree Mr Jolley,
      It is a great piece to share and it makes me feel quite happy. Keep writing great comments Mr Jolley and Keep writing Great pieces Saige 🙂

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