100 Word Challenge Week 33 Special Showcase!

Congratulations to Jennieva and Estelle, whose persuasive texts were selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 33! Week 33’s challenge was to write a persuasive letter to world leaders to convince them to act now to help the 57 million children worldwide – a third of them with disabilities – who currently do not have access to education.

It was a very exciting moment in our classroom when we realised that two of our writers had been selected for week 33! We all really enjoy the 100 Word Challenge. Well done to all our writers, keep reading and keep writing!

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the fantastic letters that were selected for week 33.

Visit the weekly links under the tab “100 Word Challenge” to read our weekly entries. Leave us a comment! 🙂

Mrs Pratt

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