Ben’s Review of the Djuki Mala Performance (a.k.a The Chooky Dancers)

Chooky Dancers

On the 26th of August 2014, the 5/6/7 class travelled to the Sir Robert Helpmann theatre to enjoy the active and humorous Chooky Dancers! But it was hard work getting to the theatre, because since last term we have been tirelessly collecting bottles and cans that are worth 10 cents each. After months of hard work we collected and cashed in 78% of our cost to see the Chooky Dancers!

When we arrived at the theatre we were greeted by an usher and we were taken to our seats. We were sitting close to the front so we got an excellent view of the performance. The dancers were fantastic and they did 4 traditional scenes and 6 humorous. My favourite dance was Pop And Lock because it was a Hip Hop dance. All the scenes were glamorous and full of skill.

At the end the dancers all came out on stage and they let us ask them some questions. I thought that was really thoughtful. We were all interested about their answers and it seems like they all have interesting lives.

I would strongly recommend for everyone to go and enjoy the fabulous Chooky Dancers!

By Ben


Mrs Pratt

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