#eddies14: Why we are nominating Mrs Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge

Dear Edublogs Awards Judges,

Our class would like to nominate Mrs Julia Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge for the Lifetime Achievement award. Here are some reasons why:

“Thank you for being on the ball to produce the 100 word challenge each week to get pictures and words for all kids to participate in so they can write an amazing story. The 100 WC has helped me develop in my writing skills in punctuation and coming up with ideas.” – Piper

“Receiving comments on my 100 word challenge has definitely helped with my writing. Hearing other people’s opinions is fantastic because they might notice a flaw that didn’t even cross my mind!” – Ella

“I love doing the 100wc because it helps me to write more and not think as much about what I have to write about. Along with that it helps me with my spelling  and I have learned where to put my punctuation. I love getting comments. I loved it even more when I got the show case for week 7” – Harry R

I enjoy the 100 word challenge because every week there is something different to write about.” – Wil

“I like the way there are no rules and you can continue on with whatever kind of story you want as long as you include the prompt given.” – Jake

“Knowing that there are people out there who read my texts encourages me to write more.” – Jennieva

“I like the 100WC because I think it is cool how you put an idea on the website and people just write about it.” – Wade

“I think that the 100WC is a great program for first bloggers and really makes people think about what to write.” – Harrison

“Thank you for founding the 100 Word Challenge, it has really helped me with my writing and actually got me liking the subject again!” – Holly

“One of the things I have learnt is that you don’t have to write a long text for it to be good quality.” – Eliza

“The 100 wc is great because it gives you a challenge and also you have to base your story on a prompt.” – Saige

“It has improved my ability to write stories about a random topic. I also love getting comments from people on my posts.” Harry H

“My writing has improved I’m writing lots more. The areas I have improved in are spelling and vocabulary. When I received my first comment I was happy and I act on it if someone says you should try not to start your story with ‘one day’…  ” – Jye

“When I receive comments on my post I love reading them to find out what I need to improve on.” – Jack

“Receiving comments on my pieces has greatly motivated me to write strong quality work.  I like the constructive criticism and think it has improved my take on the subject at hand.” – Hamish

“I enjoy the 100 word challenge because it’s lots of fun after you get the hang of it. Also using the prompt with a picture or a group of words is a good challenge and makes it easier to think up a story.” – Estelle

“I like the one hundred word challenge because of the prompts. They challenge you to write different things every week and gives you the challenge of writing a certain amount of words.” – Zoe

“I like the 100wc because I like writing random stories, and the 100wc gives me lots of challenges to overcome.” – Ben

“I love the 100 Word Challenge because it has revived my students’ love of and enthusiasm for writing – thank you Mrs Skinner!” – Mrs Pratt