Digital Footprints (Sam)

For more information about digital footprints and how to keep them positive, visit Cybersmart and CommonsenseMedia.

Article written by Sam

This week our class has been learning about digital footprints. A digital footprint is a mark and record of where you have been on the internet. For example which videos you watch, what you search, the photos you upload or the comments you make: it all leaves a mark. We have been making our own digital footprints. We first got handed out an outline of a footprint, and then we had to draw the icons of social media apps that we use (e.g. YouTube, Kik and Face time). The paper footprints represent our digital footprints, or the traces we leave behind when we go online. Then we learnt how we could make sure that the digital footprints we leave online are always positive.

Here are some more of the class’s digital footprints:


Jennieva: It teaches children how to use websites usefully, and it is a great artistic creation.


Jye’s digital footprint


Jake: it was very helpful. It is a great activity to do if you don’t know how to leave a positive footprint.



Sam’s digital footprint


Hamish: I think that a digital footprint sums up what you can and can’t do and it teaches us what we should post and how to comment on the internet.


Eliza’s digital footprint













Zoe: The digital footprints are good, it is a good way to teach other kids to be safe on the internet.


Jack: it was helpful and I learned something new.


Nikki: it was fun making the digital footprints. I also like that it is all about us.













Saige: it is very good to learn what stuff not to use and the stuff to use.


Ben’s digital footprint


Ella’s digital footprint













Holly: it is food for thought that other people could track your activity on the internet.


Estelle’s digital footprint











Mrs Pratt

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