Global Read Aloud: a shared book across 15 time zones and 16,000 kilometres

This week, we are starting (early) the Global Read Aloud for 2014. This incredible global reading project was created in 2010 by Pernille Ripp, an inspiring teacher from the US. Each year in September/October, classrooms around the world read the same book at the same time and collaborate online through various activities. This year, more than 244,000 students and their teachers have registered across 30 different countries!

Our class has partnered with Mrs Sutton’s class from Lisle, near Chicago. We are actually starting the challenge a couple of weeks early, to account for our South Australian school holidays. When we come back to school in term 4, we will be in synch with the rest of the world!

On Friday last week, the students started their first joint activity: they were given the following word cloud, which was created from the blurb of our novel, “One For The Murphys”:

oneforthemurphysBoth classes had to examine the word cloud and, working in pairs, come up with a prediction about the topic of the novel. The predictions were posted by the students directly onto Padlet on a dedicated board, which is now showing all 41 students’ predictions:

http---padlet.com-psutton2-MurphysWe’re looking forward to starting our shared class novel this week, and to continuing to interact with our American buddies!


Mystery Class… where in the world are they?

The Earth At Night. By NASA Earth Observatory (NASA Earth Observatory) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Earth At Night.
By NASA Earth Observatory (NASA Earth Observatory) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Article written by Harry H, Saige and Bri

This week we have been participating in an activity called Mystery Class. We started by viewing a video that our Mystery Class sent us. We had also sent them a video of ourselves. The videos are on Edmodo because it is a private space.

Our goal was to find out which country our Mystery Class lives in. We located their country by asking them questions like: “Are you in the Northern Hemisphere?” and “Are you East of the Greenwich Meridian?” Then we asked questions like: “Does your country have more than one official language?”

The answers led us to believe that they lived in America. We then asked more questions which showed us that they lived either in Illinois or Ohio. We have been asking more questions and found out that their town or city is famous for something. We have narrowed the state down to Illinois. We asked if their city was associated with the Simpsons, but we found out that it isn’t Springfield! Anyway, we found out that there are 22 towns called Springfield in America…


The state of Illinois in America
Image from Google maps








We have until tomorrow Friday to work out where exactly they are in Illinois! Next week, we will start a project with our buddy class.