Piper: Endangered Animals – An Issue I Care About!

Hello this post is about endangered animals.This is to make people more aware of the animals around them so they can  keep them safe. Here is a short list of some endangered animals.

  • asian elephant
  • blue whale
  • chimpanzee
  • giant panda
  • green turtle
  • sea lion
  • snow leopard
  • golden tabby tiger
  • bonobo
  • galapagos penguin
  • hectors dolphin

There are many more so in this post I will try to tell you about how we can help save some endangered species . One thing we can do is to recycle old and unused objects to stop cutting down trees.  People are catching sea animals in big nets and cutting the fins or tails off and putting them back to die in the water.Another way we can help is to donate some money to groups that are trying to help endangered.

Piper Taxgedo

This is a tagxedo about endangered animals

If you have art enthused children maybe they could make rock pets or make a twig  person this is good because then we are not making pollution to harm the animals territory.We can also walk or ride your bike to school to stop pollution in the air.

I hope that you take every thing into account when you buy something next so you can try and make it recycled.

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Halloween Monsters Project

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.00.23 pm

Our Halloween Monsters Project is finally completed! We had lots of fun creating monsters, writing descriptions about them, and exchanging descriptions with our buddy class in Lisle, Illinois. Each student had to draw their buddy’s monster from its written description. The movie below will show you the results, which have been really interesting!

From this project, we learned that:

– It is very important to write PRECISE descriptions for our buddies to be able to draw our monsters accurately: for example, it is not enough to say “half of my background is coloured black, the other white”… because which half do you mean? Horizontally, vertically or diagonally? Left or right? 😉

– It is very easy to take details for granted when we describe our pictures, and unless we put ourselves in our buddies’ shoes, we will forget to mention some important information… with hilarious results!



#eddies14: Why we are nominating Mrs Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge

Dear Edublogs Awards Judges,

Our class would like to nominate Mrs Julia Skinner and the 100 Word Challenge for the Lifetime Achievement award. Here are some reasons why:

“Thank you for being on the ball to produce the 100 word challenge each week to get pictures and words for all kids to participate in so they can write an amazing story. The 100 WC has helped me develop in my writing skills in punctuation and coming up with ideas.” – Piper

“Receiving comments on my 100 word challenge has definitely helped with my writing. Hearing other people’s opinions is fantastic because they might notice a flaw that didn’t even cross my mind!” – Ella

“I love doing the 100wc because it helps me to write more and not think as much about what I have to write about. Along with that it helps me with my spelling  and I have learned where to put my punctuation. I love getting comments. I loved it even more when I got the show case for week 7” – Harry R

I enjoy the 100 word challenge because every week there is something different to write about.” – Wil

“I like the way there are no rules and you can continue on with whatever kind of story you want as long as you include the prompt given.” – Jake

“Knowing that there are people out there who read my texts encourages me to write more.” – Jennieva

“I like the 100WC because I think it is cool how you put an idea on the website and people just write about it.” – Wade

“I think that the 100WC is a great program for first bloggers and really makes people think about what to write.” – Harrison

“Thank you for founding the 100 Word Challenge, it has really helped me with my writing and actually got me liking the subject again!” – Holly

“One of the things I have learnt is that you don’t have to write a long text for it to be good quality.” – Eliza

“The 100 wc is great because it gives you a challenge and also you have to base your story on a prompt.” – Saige

“It has improved my ability to write stories about a random topic. I also love getting comments from people on my posts.” Harry H

“My writing has improved I’m writing lots more. The areas I have improved in are spelling and vocabulary. When I received my first comment I was happy and I act on it if someone says you should try not to start your story with ‘one day’…  ” – Jye

“When I receive comments on my post I love reading them to find out what I need to improve on.” – Jack

“Receiving comments on my pieces has greatly motivated me to write strong quality work.  I like the constructive criticism and think it has improved my take on the subject at hand.” – Hamish

“I enjoy the 100 word challenge because it’s lots of fun after you get the hang of it. Also using the prompt with a picture or a group of words is a good challenge and makes it easier to think up a story.” – Estelle

“I like the one hundred word challenge because of the prompts. They challenge you to write different things every week and gives you the challenge of writing a certain amount of words.” – Zoe

“I like the 100wc because I like writing random stories, and the 100wc gives me lots of challenges to overcome.” – Ben

“I love the 100 Word Challenge because it has revived my students’ love of and enthusiasm for writing – thank you Mrs Skinner!” – Mrs Pratt



100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Harry H and Hamish!

Congratulations to Harry H and Hamish, whose entries were showcased for week 11 of the 100 Word Challenge. The prompt for that week was the word “Remember”, and the theme was that of Remembrance Day. Both boys chose to write a poem (as did many others in the class).

Mrs Diestler from the 100WC team thought that Harry’s word choices created “an engaging, mysterious and beautiful piece”… check out Harry’s poem! If, like Mrs Diestler, you were touched by Harry’s words, don’t forget to leave him a comment!

“I will remember, the day in November                                                        When the noise of the gunfire did cease…”                                             Read Hamish’s elegant poem, and leave him some feedback – he’d appreciate it!

To read all the inspiring entries that were showcased for week 11, head here.


SBC 2014: Three Generations, One Small School

Book extract circa 1950s

Book extract circa 1950s

Harry R, a current student in Year 5, has interviewed his Dad and his Pa, who both went to Mil Lel PS. Harry’s Dad attended from 1977 to 1984, and Harry’s Pa was a student at Mil Lel between 1942 and 1949. Click on the file below to listen to Harry’s excellent interview and discover how things have changed in the span of 3 generations at Mil Lel Primary School!



Hamish: Lord Of Nulth 100WC

He was shocked to find a animatronic Zebra, red lit eyes flashing on and off. Its metal limbs jerking in a peculiar fashion. And strapped to it was a note reading:

Regarding the Lord Of Nulth,    

I’m writing to you via this robotic distraction to inform you that you may believe in your dark fantasies that you have destroyed all the Night Zoo’s, but you overlooked a few. Especially the Zoo’s in which I have united to stop your evil tyranny. 


The Night Zoo Keeper.

While the Lord Of Nulth was reading this note, there was a strange ticking….


Bri – 100WC Lord Of Nulth

He was shocked to find a frail girl. He expected fear or even anger in her eyes but all he saw was pity. This girl was like nothing the Lord had ever seen before, her hair was a fiery red and her eyes a striking green/gold. She was pure imagination.

“What is your purpose child?” He boomed. She didn’t speak. “Stand girl!” The lord ordered and she did. The girl took a step towards him, looked him in the eyes. The Lord’s eyes were fixed on the girls’ as images danced within them. “Who are you?” he demands, stepping back.

She finally speaks, “Your end.”


Wade – Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn 100WC

He was shocked to find, a fluffy rainbow unicorn he was a bit confused. “Put this thing in the cage” said Lord of Nulth. “But sir it’s” “it’s what?”, “nothing sir…” said the guard. So the guard put the unicorn in the cage. But they did not know the unicorn had something special about is its horn was a laser and the unicorn BLASTED through the cage and went on an attack, the guards were attacking down 1 by 1 and they had no chance of stopping him. The unicorn made it to Lord of Nulth and he blasted through……


BY Wade


SBC 2014: Our Favourite Places At School

This week, the Student Blogging Challenge was all about schooling… And we got really inspired! We’ve got a few creations in the pipeline that we will be posting next week… Watch this space!

Here is our first one: the students took photos of their favourite place at school, then they enhanced the photos using a free app called “Snapseed”. We used Thinglink to make this photo collage interactive: click on the collage, and icons will appear. Each icon will take you to the blog of the student who took the shot. There, you will be able to read an explanation as to why this is a favourite spot for this particular person. 🙂



Levina: My Favourite Place At School

My favourite place at school is the big tree because its very old and has been at Mil Lel for a long time! It’s fun to climb, when you’re a year 7 at the end of the year you get to write your name where ever you like in the big tree. Sometimes I climb it and go and look at all the names in the tree over all the years.


Saige: Remember…

By Saige

Remember those who fought for us

And our country.

Those who risked their lives for us to live in a free country.

Lots of soldiers died.

Some survived.

But came back with horrific injuries.

But we can’t just give all the credit to those who came back.

We also have to give credit to those who fought for our country but didn’t come back.

They fought and fought for us.

They never gave up.

Even if they were hurt they would keep going.

Wounds and scratches.

Gun shots.

Many needed treatment.

Nurses working all day.

Nurses struggling to the limit.


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Dust And Gunfire – 100WC for Remembrance Day

January, 1918

The field goes up in a plume of dust, my lungs feel on fire, but I’m alive. I collapse to the ground, desperately trying to catch my breath, but the dust is too thick. BAAAAANG! BAAAANG! BAAANG! My senses are now useless, my nose is clogged from the dust, my ears are ringing, I’m blinded. I feel sick as I inhale the unbreathable, I begin to close my eyes…

November, 2014

As I weave the poppies through my braid I once again look at the sketch on the wall of my ancestor who went to war. I remember…

By Holly


Jacob: Did You Know That Horses Shiver When You Tickle Them?

Did you know that horses shiver when you tickle them under their shoulder? My name is Jacob. On that day, I was at the race track. We call the race horses thoroughbreds. My horse’s name is Seasons of Fortune. He is six years old. My mum likes calling him fleabag. His home name is Cruiser because he cruises along. I decided to tickle Cruiser under his shoulder. I like tickling him because it feels good to me. It feels shivery and it feels like he’s shaking when I tickle him. After I tickled Cruiser, he shivered. The other horses were near Cruiser. As it shivered, they bolted and bucked!


Skyping Lisle, Illinois

On Thursday morning last week, two classes, somewhere in the world, pretended it was…


Our class and Mrs Sutton’s class in Lisle, Illinois, got together on Thursday 30th October, 9.30am for an amazing Skype session! Well actually, for our buddies in Illinois, it was Wednesday 29th October, 6pm! All our buddies had to come back to school after school so we could find a time when we were all awake together!

The Skype session was fantastic. Everything went well with the connection and we hooked up at exactly the time we had planned. We had an agenda that we followed precisely. Designated speakers introduced topics and asked questions. We found that that was a very important part of the success of the Skype, because although there was no actual lag to speak of, it is still tricky to get 44 people interacting together using only two microphones and two cameras!

Our two classes have been collaborating together for a few weeks now. We use online tools such as Edmodo and Padlet to work together. This was the first time we were able to interact in real time, though. Because we have been working on a Halloween Monster Project, we decided that everyone could dress up! So there was much, much anticipation and excitement for the Skyping session. Despite this, all the children (42 of them!), behaved very sensibly and calmly, which allowed us to have a successful Spyke experience.

We talked about:

  • Our Australian wonderings about the Halloween tradition, and how American children celebrate it.
  • Our buddies asked us why Halloween is not celebrated as widely in Australia as it is in the U.S, but also in other countries such as the U.K.
  • They were also curious about the origin of the Monster Project. Well, I first heard of this project through Mr. Avery in the U.S and Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Jordan in Australia.
  • We discussed the book we are currently reading together, One For The Murphys… Mrs Sutton asked whether we thought Carley would be adopted by the Murphy family. We voted yes or no, and then justified our opinions to one another.
  • Then, the time came to share the Halloween Monsters we had drawn! The children lined up and came one by one up to the camera, holding their drawing up so the other class could see it. Despite the fact that the video quality was not very sharp, I heard many children exclaim in recognition of a monster for which they had only read a description before!
Shiver, by Jennieva

My monster’s name is Shiver, and it is very scary. It basically has a human body (I didn’t draw the body any lower than the hips. By The Way, the hips are very wide), with very long, curly, tentacles as fingers. Its body is blue, and has cracks from its chest down. Its arms and hands don’t have cracks. Its mouth is very long and wide, and it has long jagged teeth. Inside its mouth is black. Its tongue is dark blue, and splits into five curvy tentacle like parts. (This is only part of Jennieva’s description).

  •  Finally, we said goodbye. It was a truly wonderful experience to be able to share in real time with our buddy class. We were lucky that our buddies’ families were keen to drive them back to school after hours, and we really appreciated everyone’s efforts!

Soon, we will publish an e-book that we will share on the blog, to show all the Monsters – the original ones, and the ones drawn only from descriptions – created by our two classes.

Hopefully, we will get to skype another time before the end of the year… perhaps to talk about an Australian tradition this time: Christmas at the beach…? 😉


Kids Teaching Kids

By Holly

Yesterday some children from our local High School came to visit our school. These children have English as their second language, their original languages being either Karenni, Filipino, Thai, Arabic or Burmese (some of the students even spoke two!).

We had a great morning, first of all we showcased our Jump Rope For Heart skipping team and then did a workshop on skipping. They were actually quite good at it, even though they’ve never done it before! We then went on a website called Storybird to create a book of their choice to help increase their English skills.  Most of the books ended up being about soccer for that is most of these students’ greatest interest.

Finally we all played a great game of soccer with the soccer ball we presented them that was signed with our names. The teams for the game was us versus them, and even though there was more than twice as many of us than them, the game was still a draw! It was clear that they were outnumbered and we were outskilled! It was a fun and enjoyable day and all of our class and their class are looking forward to catching up again in three weeks.

We were in awe of the beautiful and complex script used in their languages in written form; some phrases such as “Hello” and “How are you?” were written on our whiteboard and we are going to try and learn to say “Hello” in the five languages so we can impress our visitors next time!

Our visitors wrote the above greetings on our whiteboard.

Our visitors wrote the above greetings on our whiteboard.

Below you can see an example of one of the books we created on Storybird. This book was created by Jancy, Per Kaw, Wade and myself and is all about… soccer!


Jye: A Man Called Jim Went Swimming 100WC

There was a man called Jim he went swimming. And on his way he saw a cat on the side of the road. Jim lifted the cat off the side of the road: its back was broken. So Jim drove the cat to the vets. “Sorry, Sir, but the cat will have to be put down,” explained the vet. Jim thought about it, but he didn’t feel that sad because it wasn’t his cat. “OK,” said Jim, and he drove to the pool. He got in the pool was green he screamed the life guard said “What’s wrong?” Jim did not answer: he passed out.