“I didn’t understand the instructions…” congratulations Shaunn!

Showcased piece for the 100 word challenge, week 5:

Shaunn’s piece had me in fits of laughter… I never expected this take on the prompt! Well done for your use of humour Shaunn!

“Aaawwww” all the children screamed as I plummeted into the school gates,  into the principles office I had my eyes closed so i didn’t actually  know where I was. As I opened my eyes I see my principle passed out on the floor. I walked up to a peace of paper and wrote: my mum and dad were busy today so I decided  to drive to school I was doing really well but I didn’t understand the instructions to put it into park I accidentally crashed into the school. So here is five dollars to pay for the damages done.

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Mrs Pratt

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