“When Did It Arrive?” Well Done Dean!

The 100 word piece that I selected for this week’s 100 Word Challenge was Dean’s.

Dean did an excellent job of creating an evocative atmosphere and a memorable character… and this only using 100 words… what do you think?

“When did it arrive?”  I asked myself. “when did this man arrive? Was he born? Is he an alien? The man I’m talking about is my next door neighbour. I live in an apartment, there is only a wall between us. He smells rotten. When I was sleeping or eating I smell him. I went to his apartment to complain, I looked in and all of his rooms was covered with dirty socks, muddy shorts and over date food. Then he came, he was wide as he was smelly, this is the story of Ethan Beckett the fat lazy hobo.

If you would like to head to Dean’s page to leave him a comment, click here.

Mrs Pratt

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