Will’s Great Wacky Easter Bunny Share

Will has had this idea that he’d like to share his drawing of a wacky Easter Bunny with the world… and he’d like to see other kids’ wacky Easter creatures (not all countries believe in the Easter Bunny… I happen to know for a fact that French children believe in the Easter Chicken!).

So I’m going to tweet his idea out to the world, let’s hope lots of kids can draw their version of a wacky Easter creature and share it on this Padlet:


Mrs Pratt


  1. Hi will the wacky Easter pitcher was good how did you draw so good i can not draw that by Kelly.

  2. Dear Mrs. Pratt,
    I’m from Oregon too. I really like that Will had the great idea to have us all share a drawing of a Wacky Easter Bunny. Thanks for sharing the fact about other countries Easter. Please visit our blog in Oregon. From, Addi

    • Hi Zoe!

      Thanks for popping by. Why don’t you draw a wacky Easter creature and post it to the Padlet?


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