Lots Of Laughs

Lately our students have been working on jazzing up their “All About Me” pages, so their page visitors are interested by the content they read, and are hopefully more likely to leave a comment, thereby starting a global conversation!

All of our students researched a joke and created a Voki to speak the joke on their page. A learning by-product of this activity was about punctuation: unless we type our text with correct punctuation, the Voki (after all, they’re only as smart as we make them!) won’t speak the joke intelligibly… We had to think hard about full stops, commas, spaces and general spelling… an excellent exercise in literacy.

Here is Will’s Voki:

For more laughs, head over to our students’ blogs and go to their “All About Me” pages!


Mrs Pratt


  1. G’day Mrs Pratt,
    I really enjoyed reading your students’ about me pages and listening to their jokes.

    Well done everyone!

    • Thank you very much Miss W, they are really enjoying connecting with other students and teachers in the Student Blogging Challenge!

  2. well done Will, what a great way to practise spelling and grammar. I enjoyed your voki.

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