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Founded by Mrs Julia Skinner, the 100WC is a weekly creative writing challenge for children under the age of 16. Each week, a prompt is given to which the children are challenged to respond through a 100-word creative text. The children’s entries are commented on by teachers from the 100WC team (which I am a part of). These teachers may be from any part of the world. Students are also encouraged to read entries from others and comment on these entries in a supportive fashion.

I have found the 100WC to be an extremely motivating and rewarding experience for my students. Past students’ feedback illustrates the many positive aspects of this initiative:

“Knowing that there are people out there who read my texts encourages me to write more.” – Jennieva, yr 6

“Receiving comments on my 100 word challenge has definitely helped with my writing. Hearing other people’s opinions is fantastic because they might notice a flaw that didn’t even cross my mind!” – Ella, yr 7

“I love doing the 100wc because it helps me to write more and not think as much about what I have to write about. Along with that it helps me with my spelling  and I have learned where to put my punctuation. I love getting comments. I loved it even more when I got the show case for week 7” – Harry R, yr 5

“One of the things I have learnt is that you don’t have to write a long text for it to be good quality.” – Eliza, yr 5

“It has improved my ability to write stories about a random topic. I also love getting comments from people on my posts.” Harry H, yr 6

“My writing has improved I’m writing lots more. The areas I have improved in are spelling and vocabulary. When I received my first comment I was happy and I act on it if someone says you should try not to start your story with ‘one day’…  ” – Jye, yr 5

“I like the one hundred word challenge because of the prompts. They challenge you to write different things every week and give you the challenge of writing a certain amount of words.” – Zoe, yr 6

One of the most powerful aspects of the 100WC lies in the comments that children receive regularly on their writing. For our students, this creates a sense that their writing is worthwhile and it motivates them to try their best for their global audience. Therefore we would love to receive as many comments on the children’s work as possible!

Please take the time to read our commenting guidelines; being able to write constructive and interesting comments is a big part of becoming a successful blogger and our students all learn and practise this valuable skill regularly!

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Thank you so much for your support!


Mrs Pratt


  1. Hi, I really liked your story and it made me feel goo….oooooo…ooooo…d about school. Maybe you should add more on what you think.

  2. Hi my name is annie and i love your stiry because i like the way you set it all out.

  3. I think that 100wc challenge was very inspiring and it was good to give your one opinion

  4. Hi there. I’m really interested in having my students participate in the 100WC. How can I become involved? I too have an edublog and I’m trying to make the best of it and use it differently than I have over the past couple of years. I don’t see any challenges here so I’m assuming I would find them on their own blogs? Thanks so much Mrs. Pratt.

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