#inequality: Piper’s Post

Through the Student Blogging Challenge, we are participating in Blog Action Day 2014 (BAD2014). The theme of BAD2014 is inequality.

We reflected about the concept of inequality as a class, what this means to each of us as individuals, and what we can do (or are doing) to address some inequalities in the world.

For their Student Blogging Challenge task this week, some of our students chose to write posts about inequality, and what this means for them. Here is Piper’s post:

Inequality is something that is not equal in the world for example if there were five lollies in a bowl and you had two people to share them between, one person would get 3 lollies and another would get two this is unequal.

In the class we are getting together with some migrants [most of them are refugees]. They are in a class together because their English isn’t at a very high level. We sent them a survey to see what their answers would be. A couple of the kids said that they find it hard living in Australia because some people “give them the finger” and that makes them upset.This is an example of inequality because these people give them the finger just because they are different.

We are going to meet up with them to help them write a book  so they can develop their English more. I am looking forward to this.

By UNESCO, via Wikimedia Commons

By UNESCO, via Wikimedia Commons