100WC Showcase: Congratulations Ethan!



Congratulations to Ethan, whose story was selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 23! The prompt for that week was a picture:


An old couch with a strange pattern… looks a bit like bricks, really. And a cat sitting on top!

It is fantastic to have a Yahl writer showcased for the first time!  Ethan included a sizzling start to his story: “Bang! Crash! I woke up with a loud noise.” He was also careful to include some information about the way his character was feeling: “I felt shaky and I had goosebumps.”

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Chunking With Oriana And Megan

Lately in maths, we have been revising the chunking method for addition. The chunking method involved chunking – or splitting – a number into its tens and ones to allow for easier mental computation. All the students practised this method in their books before creating a presentation on the iPads.

You can find below Oriana and Megan’s presentation:

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Lots Of Laughs

Lately our students have been working on jazzing up their “All About Me” pages, so their page visitors are interested by the content they read, and are hopefully more likely to leave a comment, thereby starting a global conversation!

All of our students researched a joke and created a Voki to speak the joke on their page. A learning by-product of this activity was about punctuation: unless we type our text with correct punctuation, the Voki (after all, they’re only as smart as we make them!) won’t speak the joke intelligibly… We had to think hard about full stops, commas, spaces and general spelling… an excellent exercise in literacy.

Here is Will’s Voki:

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Lots Of Drawings

By Brianna

After lunch everyday  my class has jobs to do: 4 people go out to other classes to get fruit scraps and recycling. They take the fruit scraps to the chickens and they take the recycling to a special sack.

Meanwhile the others read or draw things they like. Recently we have been drawing pictures to put on our “All about me” pages on our blogs.

Here is my picture:

This is my "pixel turtle"!

This is my “pixel turtle”!








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Bye bye from Brianna


Paper-Chain Timeline

Last week in history, we talked about how long Indigenous Australians have lived in Australia. Scientists believe that Indigenous Australians have been living here for approximately 60,000 years – some think it may even be longer than that!

The Australian Aboriginal Flag: black represents the People, red represent the Earth and yellow represents the Sun.

The Australian Aboriginal Flag: black represents the People, red represent the Earth and yellow represents the Sun.

We discussed what that number means, in comparison to the length of time since Australia was first colonised by England… 60,000 years compared to 227 years. It was hard to really get our head around this comparison, so we decided to make a visual representation of it through a paper chain.

We worked out that if we created a paper chain where each link was worth 200 years, then we would need 300 links to show the 60,000 years of Indigenous presence in Australia… compared to roughly 1 link to show how long it is since Australia was colonised! On the day we created the paper chain, there were exactly 20 students in the classroom, which worked out to exactly 15 links to create per person!

Students worked in pairs, and we used the colours of the Aboriginal flag to create the 300 links. We added one white link at the end to represent the time elapsed since colonisation. Here is our paper chain:

Our very long paper-chain: we had to shape it into a spiral to fit it in the picture!

Our very long paper-chain: we had to shape it into a spiral to fit it in the picture!