Similes As Memorable As Your First Sleepover!

This week, we have been practising creating quality similes that we can use in our writing. The children created some very evocative ones, such as:

“… as slippery as wet muddy grass on a rainy afternoon…”

“… as hot as red iron melting in a blacksmith’s pot…”

“… as proud as Willy Wonka carrying two bags of chocolate…”

You can read all the similes created by the children in the presentation below:


100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Nikita!

Violin, Eaten, Swept, Yellow, Airplane

These five words were our prompt for week 22 of the 100 Word Challenge. Our writers had to ensure these words were included in their piece for that week.

Nikita’s writing was selected by the 100 Word Challenge Team to be showcased for week 22! It is always so exciting to have one of our students’ writing showcased in the 100 Word Challenge!

To this unusual selection of words, Nikita responded with gusto and in her distinctive style: click here to read her piece.

To check out all of the selected pieces, head here.


100WC Showcase: Congratulations Ethan!



Congratulations to Ethan, whose story was selected for the 100 Word Challenge Special Showcase for week 23! The prompt for that week was a picture:


An old couch with a strange pattern… looks a bit like bricks, really. And a cat sitting on top!

It is fantastic to have a Yahl writer showcased for the first time!  Ethan included a sizzling start to his story: “Bang! Crash! I woke up with a loud noise.” He was also careful to include some information about the way his character was feeling: “I felt shaky and I had goosebumps.”

Visit the 100 Word Challenge Showcase to view all the imaginative stories that were selected for week 23.

Visit our students’ individual blogs to read their weekly entries.

Leave them a comment! :)


Lots Of Laughs

Lately our students have been working on jazzing up their “All About Me” pages, so their page visitors are interested by the content they read, and are hopefully more likely to leave a comment, thereby starting a global conversation!

All of our students researched a joke and created a Voki to speak the joke on their page. A learning by-product of this activity was about punctuation: unless we type our text with correct punctuation, the Voki (after all, they’re only as smart as we make them!) won’t speak the joke intelligibly… We had to think hard about full stops, commas, spaces and general spelling… an excellent exercise in literacy.

Here is Will’s Voki:

For more laughs, head over to our students’ blogs and go to their “All About Me” pages!



Sizzling Starts: “One Day…” is no more!

“One day…” the 4/5s at Yahl are trying to ban this very common and overused phrase in their writing. If we want our readers to be excited by our work, we need to hook them up right from the beginning!

Our students are starting to explore the technique of using a “sizzling start” in their writing, to enhance the quality of their stories. So far, we have looked at examples of sizzling starts that use sound effects, dialogue, description, action or flashback as techniques to create an effective beginning to a story.

On the padlet below, you will find some early examples from some of our students:


Going Global – The Magazine!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 5.51.49 pmThe technology we have at our fingertips, and the incredible possibilities offered to us never cease to amaze me… Here we are, 8 months into our first blogging experience, and we actually have created our own magazine, thanks to “Flipboard”.

Do click on the image above, or on the widget on the left hand side, and you’ll be taken to our very first Going Global magazine. In this very special edition, you will find a selection of the most exciting blog posts from our class blog: exciting because they corresponded to milestone events for our class… our excursion to see the amazing Chooky Dancers, or when our class poem was first published… there were many such thrilling moments in 2014.

The magazine also showcases posts from each of our students. The posts have been selected to show the variety of media that the students have learned to use this year, to create interesting and stimulating content.

As this year draws to an end, I’d like to thank the amazing and tireless educators who make blogging such a rewarding and stimulating experience for students and teachers worldwide. My heartfelt thanks go to Sue Wyatt, who organises the wonderful Student Blogging Challenge, and to Julia Skinner, the creator of the ever-inspiring 100 word challenge.

We have learnt so much this year, I can’t wait for 2015, to start all over again!  😉


Piper: Endangered Animals – An Issue I Care About!

Hello this post is about endangered animals.This is to make people more aware of the animals around them so they can  keep them safe. Here is a short list of some endangered animals.

  • asian elephant
  • blue whale
  • chimpanzee
  • giant panda
  • green turtle
  • sea lion
  • snow leopard
  • golden tabby tiger
  • bonobo
  • galapagos penguin
  • hectors dolphin

There are many more so in this post I will try to tell you about how we can help save some endangered species . One thing we can do is to recycle old and unused objects to stop cutting down trees.  People are catching sea animals in big nets and cutting the fins or tails off and putting them back to die in the water.Another way we can help is to donate some money to groups that are trying to help endangered.

Piper Taxgedo

This is a tagxedo about endangered animals

If you have art enthused children maybe they could make rock pets or make a twig  person this is good because then we are not making pollution to harm the animals territory.We can also walk or ride your bike to school to stop pollution in the air.

I hope that you take every thing into account when you buy something next so you can try and make it recycled.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.54.33 pm


Halloween Monsters Project

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.00.23 pm

Our Halloween Monsters Project is finally completed! We had lots of fun creating monsters, writing descriptions about them, and exchanging descriptions with our buddy class in Lisle, Illinois. Each student had to draw their buddy’s monster from its written description. The movie below will show you the results, which have been really interesting!

From this project, we learned that:

– It is very important to write PRECISE descriptions for our buddies to be able to draw our monsters accurately: for example, it is not enough to say “half of my background is coloured black, the other white”… because which half do you mean? Horizontally, vertically or diagonally? Left or right? 😉

– It is very easy to take details for granted when we describe our pictures, and unless we put ourselves in our buddies’ shoes, we will forget to mention some important information… with hilarious results!