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Take a 360 degrees look at our classroom in 2016!

Glitter Words


There are 26 students in our class. We are aged between 9 and 10. Our small school is located in rural South Australia. We are hoping to use our blog to showcase our work, connect with other classes and participate in online learning projects.


Our favourite reads: hover your mouse over the book titles, and you’ll be able to read why these titles are our students’ favourite reads ever.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Emmanuelle’s books

Les malheurs de Sophie; suivi de Les petites filles modèles ; et de Les vacances
it was amazing
Lily Beth: I like the Fleurville Trilogy because Sophie does all these different naughty things and it is interesting how she gets punished. There are three books in the set called Sophie’s Misfortunes, Camille & Madeleine and The Holidays.



Leave us a reply: what is YOUR favourite book and why? If one of our students has listed your best-loved book here, why not visit their blog and leave them a comment?

Maybe you could chat together about your favourite author!



  1. Hi! my name is Ella and you have a really nice classroom Mrs Pratt. I really like your 360 classroom view it is very cool I wish my teacher did. When I was looking at the class room your class had the same like computer machine were you charge your computers but we have ours in our library and please visit our class blog at mrpastrosclass.edublogs.org.

    Like your blog Ella

    • Hi Ella,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I visited your class blog and I saw a post about your new puppy!

    • Hi Mrs Rivet,

      We would love to blog with your class! By Orb widget, do you mean the cloud of tags? If yes, this is a widget I found within Edublogs.

      I will send you a message over the weekend.

  2. Hello Mrs Pratt,

    I really liked that you have the shelfari. With all the books on it!

    • Thanks Josh! Have you read any of these books? Which is your favorite read?


  3. Hello Mrs. Pratt and class,

    This is Mrs. Essenburg’s 3rd grade in Michigan, USA. We enjoyed visiting your class blog. We really liked the panorama view of your classroom. What a neat thing to do! We also loved your Shelfari book shelf showing favorite books of your students. A lot of us like the same books! One of my students is wondering how many girls and how many boys are in your class.

    Mrs. Essenburg’s 3rd Grade Class

    • Hi Essenclass!

      thanks for visiting us; in our class, there are 9 boys and 13 girls. We’re about to go and visit your blog!


  4. G’day Mrs Pratt and students,
    Welcome to the March 2015 student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities to choose from each week. Make sure you connect with other classes around the world. These can be found in the header area of the blog.

    Maybe your teacher could add a link to the challenge in the sidebar of your class blog. You could do this using the new 2015 challenge badge – see the post explaining how to add the badge to your blog.

    • Great idea, thanks Miss W, I have now added the badge to the side of the blog, and it is linked to the SBC blog.

      We can’t wait to get started! Last year was so much fun!


    • Thank you Claire! I might redo it soon, though, that double desk is confusing me!!

  5. Its so awesome that we can visit your web site and see all the amazing things you have posted.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Diamondgirl! Maybe you could give us your blog address so we can have a look at your work too!

      I agree with you that it’s awesome to be able to “look” into other classrooms all around the globe. I think it enriches all of us!

    • Hi Gymnast13,

      thank you for you comment on our blog. I thought your post about the history of jeans was really interesting (riveting, teehee!).
      It can be a bit tricky at times having three grades in one classroom, but we make it work!

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