Biodiversity In Our Class

By Megan & Lily O

In science we are learning about Biodiversity. Yesterday we talked about Biodiversity in our class. We made a tableĀ about we have in common: we all have a brain, 2 legs, bones, speak English, hair and skin. But we are also different in other ways: we all have different personalities, hair colour, eye colour, ear shape, fingerprints, head shape, height and birthmarks.

We made a chart using our unique fingerprints here it is:

4/5s' Fingerprints: they are all unique. Mrs Morrison's was probably the most worn out!

4/5s’ Fingerprints: they are all unique. Mrs Morrison’s was probably the most worn out!

Mrs Pratt


  1. Dear Ms. Pratt’s Class,
    I liked your post. It is interesting. I have not looked at my own fingerprints, now I think I will. My name is Catherine from Ms. Amri’s class in Oregon. Please visit our blog.

  2. Hey 4/5 class,
    The finger prints look really good, isn’t it interesting that each person has a different print. I have a twin brother and even we don’t have similar prints!
    it looks like great fun, keep it up
    From, Estelle

    • Thank you for the comment you gave us, Estelle. Would you be able to take your fingerprint and your brother’s, and send them to us? We could add them to our chart.
      The 4/5s

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