Piper: Endangered Animals – An Issue I Care About!

Hello this post is about endangered animals.This is to make people more aware of the animals around them so they can  keep them safe. Here is a short list of some endangered animals.

  • asian elephant
  • blue whale
  • chimpanzee
  • giant panda
  • green turtle
  • sea lion
  • snow leopard
  • golden tabby tiger
  • bonobo
  • galapagos penguin
  • hectors dolphin

There are many more so in this post I will try to tell you about how we can help save some endangered species . One thing we can do is to recycle old and unused objects to stop cutting down trees.  People are catching sea animals in big nets and cutting the fins or tails off and putting them back to die in the water.Another way we can help is to donate some money to groups that are trying to help endangered.

Piper Taxgedo

This is a tagxedo about endangered animals

If you have art enthused children maybe they could make rock pets or make a twig  person this is good because then we are not making pollution to harm the animals territory.We can also walk or ride your bike to school to stop pollution in the air.

I hope that you take every thing into account when you buy something next so you can try and make it recycled.

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