Halloween Monsters Project

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Our Halloween Monsters Project is finally completed! We had lots of fun creating monsters, writing descriptions about them, and exchanging descriptions with our buddy class in Lisle, Illinois. Each student had to draw their buddy’s monster from its written description. The movie below will show you the results, which have been really interesting!

From this project, we learned that:

– It is very important to write PRECISE descriptions for our buddies to be able to draw our monsters accurately: for example, it is not enough to say “half of my background is coloured black, the other white”… because which half do you mean? Horizontally, vertically or diagonally? Left or right? 😉

– It is very easy to take details for granted when we describe our pictures, and unless we put ourselves in our buddies’ shoes, we will forget to mention some important information… with hilarious results!


Mrs Pratt

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