SBC 2014: Three Generations, One Small School

Book extract circa 1950s

Book extract circa 1950s

Harry R, a current student in Year 5, has interviewed his Dad and his Pa, who both went to Mil Lel PS. Harry’s Dad attended from 1977 to 1984, and Harry’s Pa was a student at Mil Lel between 1942 and 1949. Click on the file below to listen to Harry’s excellent interview and discover how things have changed in the span of 3 generations at Mil Lel Primary School!


Mrs Pratt

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  1. Hello Harry,

    What a great interview. It is interesting to hear how some things have changed and how some things haven’t! What things do you think might change about school in the next 10 years? Was there anything that surprised you about the answers that you got from your dad or pa?

    Mr Jolley.

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