100WC Special Showcase: Congratulations Piper, Harry R and Holly!

Congratulations to Piper, Harry R and Holly: their entries are showcased for week 7 of the 100 Word Challenge. The prompt for that week was:

I could not believe the smell“.

Well, as you would expect, we had some pretty funny entries… the challenge for some of us was how to be funny and appropriate at the same time 😉 !! Harry R did a great job of this, and he presented his writing in an unexpected way: an exchange of emails between a dad and his son.

“My heart felt like it stopped. Questions of confusion and frustration were running through my head.”… When I first read Piper’s piece, I was so impressed with the phrase ‘Questions of confusion and frustration‘… this is powerful writing, Piper.

Ms Hopkinson, from the 100WC team commented on Holly’s post: “This is brilliantly written, Holly. Just like a real writer! I love the way you have used one-word lines and kept the pace going. This is just an amazing piece of writing.” Would you agree with her?

To read all the inspiring entries that are showcased for week 7, head here.

Mrs Pratt

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