Can You Draw This?… GMC: Giant Mutant Centipede

By Holly

Our class is doing an activity with our buddy class in America for Halloween. For this activity we are drawing monsters of our imagination and writing descriptions, we are going to exchange descriptions and try to draw each other’s monsters without the pictures to copy from. After that we are going to compare the pictures to see how close the person who had only the description is with the person who made it up. Can you draw my monster with this description? I might post the picture soon!

GMC: Giant Mutant Centipede

A GMC is a giant centipede, it is a dark coffee brown with transparent skin almost everywhere. The transparent skin allows the heart, brain and blood vessels to be seen. Its mouth covers up its whole face with no eyes to be seen, the mouth is full of yellowing, razor sharp teeth. This monster has tentacles that aren’t transparent but coffee brown like the rest of its body. GMC has many legs, but not nearly as many as an ordinary centipede for it needs space for the skulls, vampire and tortured looking faces that are its feet. This monster lives in a sewage drain that is bright green from chemicals that is up against a pitch black wall.


P.S. This activity is taken from Mr. Avery and Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Jordan’s Monster Project.

Mrs Pratt


  1. Giant mutant centipede you dont see that every day.But I think you dont want to see one everyday.I come from the USA and just glancing at your blog I just know this might be a little wacky but funny and fun.

  2. Hi Holly. My name is Kirsten and I come from the USA. My classmates and I are still new to this. I noticed that when you were talking about the GMC you were very descriptive and honestly I’m not very good in doing that. I was wondering if you made all that up with the class you are doing it with? Do you have any tips in writing descriptive writings because you are very good. If you have time you can check out me and my classmates blogs on my teachers website http://mrshughesclass.info or you can go on mine right here http://kirsteno21.edublogs.org. Have a nice day!
    – Kirsten❤️8❤️

    • Thank you! Each person in both of the classes drew a monster and made their own description 🙂 . I would love to visit your blog!

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