Student Blogging Challenge 2014: Learning So Much From Others!

We are all loving The Student Blogging Challenge, and we have all been learning many new blogging skills. A huge thank you to Miss Wyatt and Miss Waters for creating and coordinating this awesome challenge!

For our latest discovery, we have to thank Warrior Kat, a student in America, for showcasing Thinglink, an awesome tool that helps images become interactive.

Our first Thinglink creation is an interactive poster of our class’s favourite reads… First click on the picture, then hover over the books’ pics to read our rave reviews!


Mrs Pratt


  1. This is an EPIC blog! I like the color font text and the book recommendations. The book, “Divergent,” was a pretty cool story. You guys have great posts and I would like to hear more.


    • Thank you so much, Patrick! We are enjoying the blogging experience! Does your class also have a blog? We’d love to visit you too!

  2. Really cool blog. I actually really like the books that you mentioned. You also had really good wording in your writing. I Really think you should really keep writing.
    Edith 🙂

    • Thank you Edith, it is really motivating for us to receive encouraging comments from other bloggers!

  3. I absolutely LOOVVVVEE your class blog page! You’ve inspired me to implement some of your creative writing ideas, and use of widgets. I will have to explore Thinglink. It looks similar to Shelfari, but I enjoy the collage aspect of it. I’m also enjoying going through the 100WC posts. You have some great student writers in your class!

    • Thank you Mrs Hughes, the 100 word challenge is a wonderful project to get involved in. We started this year with my class, probably back in term 2, and all the students have reported an increase in their enjoyment of writing. We get a new prompt each week, to which the students have to respond in exactly 100 words (+ words from the prompt if applicable). As a teacher, if you decide to register your class, you must undertake to provide a volunteer to participate in the Team 100WC: this involves making a commitment to comment on a maximum of 10 student posts each week. In my experience, this doesn’t take more than 30minutes a week. Well worth the effort, and the outcome for the students is priceless!

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