Finally we can make a start: the 100 word challenge is back!

by Harry R

Finally we can make a start on the 100 word challenge we have been waiting 9 long weeks to start again I have been very eager to start doing this. My class and I have been waiting to do this again we can finally do it on our own personal blogs so I am pretty pumped to do the 100 word challenge this week. I am eager to start learning how to do mine even better than last time I did the 100 word challenge. So I am eager to read all my new comments on my new blog. Let’s make a start on the 100 WC.

Harry’s entry for this week’s 100 word challenge cleverly used the prompt to express his enjoyment of this weekly literacy challenge. To check out other students’ creativity, click on the link to their personal blogs!



Mrs Pratt

One Comment

  1. Hello Harry,

    it is great to see that you are keen to be involved in this activity because it helps you develop many skills. What writing prompt would you have if you were allowed to decide the topic?

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